Wall Street Market scamming buyers.

Today’s article is about fraud on the part of Wall Street Market.

Wall Street Market

The story began a few weeks ago, when the Dream Market, the oldest standing darknet marketplace, has announced that it is shutting down. The majority of Dream Market users decided to move their trading activities to the Wall Street Market. Wall Street is likely to have scammed those migrating traders for over $30 million worth of bitcoin.

WSM’s official moderator published a post stating that Wall Street Market’s administrators announced that the marketplace’s platform is experiencing technical problems due to a server crash that resulted in failure of the marketplace’s bitcoin server to synchronize with the blockchain. These technical problems led to loss of control over the bitcoin wallets managed via this server, until re-synchronization is resumed once again.

Wall Street Market’s administrator also added:

“Due to this incident, we were forced to send crypto assets manually to the waiting list bitcoin wallet, as we have to wait for this process to complete, so that coins can be sent to the appropriate matching escrow wallet. Our technical advisors said that the platform will soon shift to the maintenance mode in order to prevent sending of more bitcoins, and they estimated the synchronization process to be successfully completed yesterday.”

Is Wall Street Market benefiting from this move?

Most dark web users are currently quite sure that Wall Street Market has really exit scamming. One user thinks that from a rational, rather than a moral, point of view, this is somehow an intelligent move.

An exit scam worth of $30 million:

For two weeks, many users have been suspecting an exit scam and they even contacted the platform’s administrators directly. Someone posted on Dread saying:

“I would finalize early rather than escrow, as the drug vendors have stock for sale, even though the marketplace’s administrators don’t. I am really happy that the market operators are running with our bitcoins, rather than law enforcement confiscating them and continue on winning a new battle in this stupid war.”

Another user confirms the exit scam and claims that the marketplace’s owners have even started blackmailing users stating:

” I am positive! On WSM, I use the alias “californiafinest” and the support department is sending messages with all of my orders that include plain text on their bitcoin address, asking for them. They are blackmailing users now to pay or they will be included in the list which will be leaked to the FBI and Europol. They further warned that this is not a burned packstation or a burn drop, emphasizing that the investigations will go deep once the whole marketplace is crawled and saved, adding that if a user pays and includes the id of the order on the dispute message, they will be removed off the list leaked to law enforcement.”

In the end, it seems that there is a considerable body of evidence proving that Wall Street Market is exit scamming with over $30 million worth of bitcoin. With the war inflicted by the FBI and Europol against darknet marketplaces, it is really disappointing to see another cryptomarket go away with not only an exit scam involving tens of millions of USD, but with also a plan to blackmail users and dig even deeper holes in their pockets.

To solve the Market wall Street is scamming the customers or not only You.

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