What happened to the Uncensored Hidden Wiki in deep web & darknet?

the Uncensored Hidden Wiki

What happened to the Uncensored Hidden Wiki in deep web? There hasn’t been an official site for the Hidden Wiki since it got hacked and it’s source code got released many years ago. There’s no real Hidden Wiki as we remember. All the Hidden Wikis that exist right now are just copycats of the original.

To date, the site is controlled by a group of people who sell “place” in his sheet. 99% are scammers.They do not Care whether the site works or not. Scammers or not.

Some site make a new the Uncensored Hidden Wiki deep web darknet like http://theuncensoredhiddenwiki.com/ or http://dsuni66g42yg6xvsimucejjb5ef5ydphjuut2acoevmzjyrn7yxcgmqd.onion/ or http://p7cviwdjvcfwtw6vrgwbfpl4lrzcg6ywqdv34w7wr7xjowv4m6nt2ead.onion/

If you wish to access active and working onion links we’ve got a handful of them on- linksdarkweb.com , each added link is tested for its online status before being added.