Fortnite, Netflix and Uber accounts are sale in darknet

FORTNITE, NETFLIX AND UBER ACCOUNTS ARE SALE FOR ONLY 8 POUNDS OF STERLING ON THE DARKNET. Cybercrime researchers say high-profile data breaches have boosted an online black marketplace on the darknet.

The latest data comes from the first annual update of the darknet Market Price Index compiled by researchers.

A series of high-profile data breaches have fueled the online black market, with high-profile data breaches, including the likes of British Airways and Mariott Hotels, when logins flood the dark web – a hidden section of the Internet only accessible to specialists. software.

“This is a very unsettling situation for clients who could get caught in a break-in.”

Storing payment information across a range of online accounts – even on social media – is now the norm for most consumers because it’s just so convenient. The downside is that if a fraudster gains access to one account, he essentially gets the keys to the kingdom. “

After examining tens of thousands of listings across five popular darknet markets, researchers found that the value of individual accounts has generally increased over the past 12 months.

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