How to Access the Deep Web

Deep Web

How to Access the Deep Web on Windows

If you want to access on Windows you need Download Tor from the above link, once download click on the setup and click on “I agree.”

Install Tor

 And then check all the boxes to make sure you get every module that Tor has or needs.

Install Tor

Then just choose the location where you wish to install Tor on your hard disk and click Install.

Install Tor

This would install tor in your system.

How to Access the Deep Web on Android

You need to download another app to your Android device and install on your Android Mobile.

For app download, you need to visit, and type “Orbot proxy with Tor” into app search box.

Or directly you can click on this direct app download link, and download this app into your device. After successful installation, your device home screen has a new icon that you need to run.

Here you need to configure some setting as you can saw on the display, VPN Mode, VPN Country Name, Tor Enable Apps.

If your android phone successfully connected then big onion button color will change and you will see.


If you want to buy anything on the dark web and don’t know how to order on the dark web stores you can used our articles. For example shop or financial service.

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