DarkNet Hackers declared war on Elon Musk over bitcoin.

The Anonymous – darknet hacker group accused the head of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, of overly influencing cryptocurrencies through Twitter posts and neglecting the investments of ordinary people. The message to the billionaire was published on the organization’s official YouTube channel.

“While hardworking people are dashed by your public hysterics, you continue to mock them with memes while in one of your mansions. You may consider yourself the smartest person, but now you have met an equal. We are Anonymous. We are legion We’re going, “the video says.

Hackers from darknet also caught Musk of insincerity, questioning his desire to improve the global ecology. According to Anonymous, the businessman is “trying to play both sides” because cryptocurrency mining cannot improve the carbon footprint.

Earlier, Musk’s tweets strongly influenced cryptocurrency quotes: for example, when a billionaire mentioned Bitcoin in a signature on a Twitter page in January, its value sharply exceeded $ 37,000. But later, Elon Musk began to mention Dogecoin cryptocurrency more often, which contributed to its growth.

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